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Actor Don McLeod Stars in "Doomsday Mom The Lori Wallow Project"

With the Lori Vallow case in the headlines we had an opportunity to interview actor Don McLeod who played Lori's husband Charles Vallow. With an incredible resume of acting credits under his belt we wanted to talk with Don about playing a character that has been so polarized in the media. Anyone who has followed the case have seen video snippets of Charles Vallow, but McLeod brought him to life on the Netflix Docuseries.

MUC: Why did you accept this role Don?

Don: Playing the role of Charles was one of the biggest privileges of my career. Being asked to do this role made me sit back and realize that real life is more than just a script.

MUC: How did you prepare to play this role?

Don: I took more time studying the life of this man than I have any other character.

Not only to honor his life but to tell the story so that other people can learn from it.

Working with director Bradley Walsh I saw his vision of how he wanted to portray the story

and it aligned perfectly with mine. It was then I knew that I was meant to play this role.

I stayed up for days on end studying, researching, even going outside in my day-to-day activity imagining I was Charles.

MUC: It has been tough for the public to live this case through the press, how was it for you?

Don: By the end of this production I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I took a few days to spent some time to gather my thoughts and to put Charles Vallow to rest in my heart.

This has taught me so much about not only acting but also helped me become more sympathetic to other people's experiences on a human level.

MUC: Thank you for stopping by Don. We appreciate your insight and applaud your performance in this movie.

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