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ACORN Has the 'Space' to Grow into a Mighty Oak

New Single Out Now!

February 15, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - ACORN, the singer-songwriter also known as Alexandria Corn, is back! On Friday, January 29, the country songstress turned rising pop star released “Space” ( as her first single of 2021. The song was preceded by 2020’s “Bitch,” ACORN’s first release under her new pop alter ego. Both singles are available on all digital download and streaming platforms now.

“Space” centers around a narrator who is grappling with mixed feelings about her partner’s unresponsiveness. While it bothers her when he leaves her on read, she’s afraid of sharing too much of herself with him for fear of what he’ll think. As a result, she tries to keep her distance, but she always ends up missing him. She ultimately comes to the conclusion that she needs him just as much as she needs her space.

The track opens with a catchy, reverberating electric guitar loop that plays continuously throughout the rest of the song. The relatively minimalistic production leaves “space” for the American Idol alum to demonstrate the gentle power of her voice. The vocoded background vocals that underlie the chorus give the song an atmospheric feel appropriate for its title.

“I think the melody will really catch people's attention. It is a very bedroom pop-driven melody and we wanted it to sound a bit ‘spacey,’ hence the name.” - ACORN

In an effort to be the change she wants to see in the industry, ACORN created "Space" with an all-female team. The song was co-written by Khiana Noel Meyer and Tasji Bachman. Meyer is also credited as the producer. The track was mastered by Raelynn Janicke at Infrasonic Mastering. Brittany Berggren served as the graphic designer and photographer for the project.

“This whole project was recorded in my producer’s bedroom studio, and that's something that I love. I have recorded songs in label studios, home studios, on my laptop, you name it. But I love to work with someone who is just as passionate and in a space that we both put so much positive energy in. At the end of the day, you want to create when you most feel alive.” - ACORN

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