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Abby K Is Hotter Than Ever With Her New Release Of Her Single,"Dirty Love"

Website Art: Courtesy of Abby K

Last year Music Update Central had the pleasure of helping to introduce to the world, an amazing young Phenom. Abby K, was 16 at the time, and we conducted her very first interview. Abby released her debut single It should Have Been Me” at that time, and it was a pleasure to be part of her journey from the beginning. She was well poised in the interview, a little shy, and cautious, but she was simply amazing. Abby knew her music history and theory, especially when it was all about Rock and Roll. Abby K is an amazing bass player, who wants to make an impression in the tis world, through her music. She is one of the shining stars that is rising up in her generation of prodigies.

Fast Forward to today, Abby is a confident, self starting 17 years old! She is blowing the Rock Genre scene out of the water. Her new release, Dirty Love is driving up the rock charts. You will be amazed to hear that Abby does the lead vocals while playing some awesome bass riffs.

While writing music and learning new instruments to play, such as the guitar and piano, Abby has taken on the awesome task, of teaching younger children how to play instruments as well, noting that music education is so important. It helps with the learning process n every aspect of a kids life, and this is such an amazing attitude to pay forward.

"For 2020 Abby is ready to set the world on fire with her new single; the heart-stopping

Dirty Love - with a fast paced stadium filling sound and vocals that cut like a knife,

both playful and tough, it’s the perfect Rock anthem for staying true to your convictions.

There’s confidence and a maturity bursting out of Abby's lungs, we feel that this year she's going to break all the rules"

Give a listen to this and watch on all her social media platforms for announcements on where Abby K will be performing!!! Do not miss this opportunity to listen to such a passionate prodigy. Find all information on Abby K on her website:

Photo Courtesy of Abby K


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