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A Chat With Curt Chambers about his new country song "Up in the Air" and other Curt Trivia...

I got the chance to speak with Curt Chambers about his new single,"Up In The Air" which has been widely received by the country music community. Curt is no stranger to the music scene. He is a Grammy Award Winner in other genres, and is now doing his thing in Nashville. He does divide his time between L.A. and Nashville, writing songs, attending writers rounds, performing at local events including Whiskey Jam, and recording. We chatted for a short time, Curt has that comfortable yet on the move attitude, making you feel like a friend as well as a professional in field. Curt has written and performed many great songs, which are full of his astounding high energy. Curt mentioned that he is a stickler for lyrics and great music, and it's intensity and fun. He can not wait to present these good vibes to country music and we can't wait to hear it all he has to offer!

Up In The Air is a cool, grooving country tune he co-wrote with Ash Bowers, and Allison Cruz, who are two great writers on the top of their game. Curt sat on it for a year and a half, performing it at writers rounds. He decided to put out an acoustic version to video, and that is getting him some major recognition. He is a get up and go type of guy! No sitting around and waiting for things to happen, not this guy, he makes it happen, and fast!

Just a little Curt Background - He has played with many greats, in many genres, including Rock, Hip Hop, Rap and Country. He has performed with many including Dr. Dre. Curt states that his mentor, Eminem, taught him a lot about music, he would "take a page out of his book... He is a guy you want to be like". He played and toured with him for 9 years.

Curt has been pursuing his music in Nashville, for 2 years, we talked about how it is a ten year town. Curt states, "not a ten year town, not playing those games, we do results faster. Fans have short attention spans.Turnaround is so much faster. That's cool, but that ain't happening" He is not sitting around, he believes in getting the attention of the crowd, and wow them! Get that music out fast!.

He tells a story about how you can record anywhere, and at anytime. One quick recording he did in L.A. , just in the back of an office, you can hear the cars rolling by.. You can do anything, anywhere. I believe that Curt!!!

The audiences of today, do want it now, and quickly, with the movement of digital platforms, the world is changing... Forget about it, Boom, in your computer as fast as the songs are produced.

A pivotal experience was when Curt opened for B.B. King and his father was there to see it and got to meet Mr. King. Family is everything and this was a very special time.

Another special moment in Curt's career was being a working musician at the Grammys Awards and at the same time being nominated for another song. I would say that this is a spectacular accomplishment. Not many musicians can say they had multiple opportunities on one awards show to showcase their talent.

Alignment means: a position of agreement or alliance, (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) well that word permeates throughout Curts philosophy in Music. Working hard, and preparation needs alignment, that helps to be ready for those opportunities that come your way.

An alignment moment, was when he met Chris Young, through Chris' mother, and went to the Ryman with Chris, and while watching him perform, Curt realized and said, "that will be me one day".

I asked Curt what do you want to accomplish next?

"Put this new music out and playing live. Sliding into some cities and playing for the fans."

So, people, don't wait! Put "Up In The Air" on your awesome playlists! Let us help get Curt streaming and downloading and then he can slide into your hometown, where you can see Curt Chambers live, with his abundance of energy! Curt does not sit around!!! Curts' philosophy in life is to strive to accomplish every new thing, everyday. Never stop, and I highly agree!. I look forward to you sliding into our hometown someday...


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