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On Monday April 24th, Breakout Country Artist Jeff Tuohy dropped his mic in Music City as he debuted at the most coveted gig for country artists "Whiskey Jam". One year ago he dropped his single and music video "Old Roads" and blew music connoisseur's away. He did the same thing on April 24th as he took the stage with no apologies and answered Nashville's call. Without a doubt, Jeff Tuohy was unexpected and original. While most Whiskey Jam fans are there for the whiskey drinking songs, Touhy gave the audience a performance to remember. Here is a small clip from some of Jeff's live performances while he was in town.

What a breathe of fresh air. Tuohy is clearly a songwriting maestro and he is unapologetic in singing and presenting his music authentically and with complete flawless reckless abandon. The audience loved him. I loved him. I had no idea who he was when I was assigned to cover his Whiskey Jam debut but I am always down for a fun night at Ward's house. I've been to hundreds of shows. This show is one of the shows I will not forget. Are you coming back soon Jeff Tuohy? We are waiting for you sir. I asked one concert goer what he thought of Tuohy's music and he said "Not what I expected and he got a new fan. I really like his country and rock blend. His band is tight." I was so taken by "Old Roads" I am going to share it here in case you missed the release last year off of his album Hudson Delta.

Speaking of his album which received rave reviews, you can download and stream here.

The album debuted at #6 on the iTunes country charts and as a featured Americana release on Apple Music with the single/music video, “Old Roads” garnering attention from and the Academy of CountryMusic's new music playlist. Lonesome Highway called it "A beast of a record that demands to be heard." My overall rating on Jeff Tuohy's Live show is 5 STARS. His album is addictive, sexy, dramatic and all over the place in a good way. I can't imagine trying to pick a genre for this album release because this is a man that you cannot put in a corner. His music is genre blending at its finest however after he left Nashville in a pit of sweat, he should really consider making an album of Americana/Country songs only. Big Thumbs Up Mr. Tuohy, I am sure we will be seeing you at Whiskey Jam again. Thank you for renewing my faith that all original music can thrive in a city that is known mainly for their country loving music stars and fans.

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