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Interview: Freddie Future Shares the Story Behind His New Single, 'Leave Me Cold'

Canadian artist, Freddie Future released his new single, “Leave Me Cold” along with a lyric video. “Leave Me Cold is the crushing, sobering realization that you've been in the wrong once the other person has left. The vibe of the song captures this heartbreak we face within our relationships. It's something everyone can relate to.”

The lyric video captures this somber mood with its blue still shots. He says, I wanted to be consistent with the moody photos I took for the single artwork for ‘Leave Me Cold’ as well as the artwork for my upcoming EP. They were shot by my talented friend Luis Mora. I then brought this to my other talented friend Justin Alexis, who shot the video and we recreated the vibe. I loved the idea of having the visuals on a loop for my lyric video. There’s just something really cool about watching this lyric video and then halfway through it realizing that the visuals are repeating. The theme of the video is part of a bigger picture that ties the album together, so you’ll have to see the next video when it comes out!

He’s had a passion for music since he was a child. I’ve known since the first time I picked up an instrument as a kid. I would write songs on guitar and keyboard and it became therapeutic. As I honed my craft I began to write better songs and grew into my skin. I haven't looked back since. An artist that Freddie has been inspired by over the years is Beyoncé. She’s always growing and continuing to inspire everyone around her. Along with releasing awesome music, she’s a trend setter and is always true to herself. I have so much respect for artists like her.

Freddie has exciting things in the near future. He is currently working on his new project. This summer, he is set to release his EP. He says, the 7 songs unfold the story of a break up in slow motion. The songs will be accompanied with some really unique, eye-catching visuals. I don't want to give away too much but it'll definitely be worth the wait.

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