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Review: 'Whatcha Gonna Do' by Sadie Cannon

Urban-Pop singer, Sadie Cannon released her brand new single, “Whatcha Gonna Do” on February 22nd. A little bit about Sadie is she has a wide range of a musical talents, from playing the keys, to bass, to guitar, and also has a background in theatre. Sadie is a Florida native. She then moved to Nashville, TN to further work on her craft, and now resides in the LA area.

Sadie Cannon ain’t afraid to tell it like it is in her new single. “Whatcha Gonna Do,” she strongly approaches her ex asking what they will do without her in their life. The song takes her low-soulful vocals and pairs them with a trop pop influence. She brings this calm demeanor with a sassy vibe to the song. This is the ultimate female breakup anthem. It’s feisty, powerful, and all around badass.

Sadie is clearly done putting up with all this person’s excuses. I would say “Whatcha Gonna do” message behind the song is that sometimes you need to walk away and leave a relationship, because it’s for the best.

“Whatcha Gonna do” is available on all music platforms.

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