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Being Fake Gets You Exposed, Being Real Makes You Relatable

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m going to fake it til I make it?” I’m sure you have heard someone say this to you. Maybe an acquaintance, friend, colleague, or even family member. Sometimes it gets melded into our brains, we believe that this is the only way to “success.” The minute you stop being true to yourself, is the minute you lose.

Many people get caught up in trying to be something they’re not. They just want to “fit in.” They think what’s hot right now on the radio is what people want to hear. Instead of trying to create their own unique sound and image, they copy someone else. You are in the wrong mindset if this is your way of thinking.

The ones who have been extremely successful, legends such as; Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, and Johnny Cash, all had their own unique style. They reached that level of success, because they had the talent of course, but they were being their own person. People gravitates towards these artists, because they did something different and out of the ordinary. All the artists that I have previously mentioned, expressed themselves in some way, shape or form. That’s why so many people loved them. People tend to feel more connected towards someone, who is being them true and authentic selves.

We as human beings listen to music, so we feel like we are not alone. When your music means nothing to you personally, then how will people be able to relate? Songs that have a deeper meaning, people are able to connect with you on some other level. When you’re trying to be someone you’re not, everyone can see right through it. Your songs won’t resonate with you and your audience. No one will be able to relate, because you are only showing what you would want people to see.

When you are a musician, you want to be as honest as possible with your music and fans. If you are trying to be something you’re not, people will start to get annoyed quickly. Pretending to act like you’re this “big star,” does not make you look cool. We know you’re only showing not even half the crowd in your pics on Instagram, only to make it seem like you are. You’re not fooling anyone, and you’re surely not fooling someone who works in the business. For most, you are just going to come off as an egotistical jerk by doing this. Think twice before you try to fake it. Being fake only gets you exposed, being real makes you relatable.

Xo Brittany

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