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Sister Hazel New EP, Fire, Out Today!

Band Announces Additional 2019 Tour Dates

Including the 14th Annual Hang at Hazelnut Isle, June 21-23

and the 20th Annual Rock Boat January 24-29, 2020

"This uplifting track features the group’s characteristic close-harmony vocal work and Block’s forceful lead. I got so hooked that I played the whole collection twice through." Robert K Oermann, Music Row

"The heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals of Ken Block is a true example Sister Hazel does not rest on its platinum laurels, but, rather, the band continues to push the bar higher and they succeed once again with their latest release, Fire. The new EP is a 'must have' for all Hazelnuts or any music fan who enjoys alternative rock with a southern/bluesy edge to it."Ed Zagorski, Watertown Daily Times

"There is a deep emotional penetration that Sister Hazel brings with their latest release 'Fire.' Including the lyrics, "The past is just an empty glass that I won't drink from anymore," "Like a melody stuck in your memory, it just keeps growing stronger," and "It isn't always written in the stars; sometimes it's written on the back of old guitars." This album introduces a new country dimension to the sound of Sister Hazel and reminds it's audience of the importance of music and love in our lives.” Mark Leon, Charleston Daily "Sister Hazel does it again with their latest album, Fire. Their albums are always top notch, but this one is one of the best we've heard in a long time. It just doesn't get any better than this." Stephanie Smith, SC Music Guide “Shining bright with the sweet melodic allure of country music, Sister Hazel's newest release is a feel-good dedication to the rainbow of feelings that love can bring. From the thrilling passion of romantic love ("Here With You") to the inherent power of self-love ("Fire"), Fire wraps listeners up in its radiant heartwarming stories, putting the band's lustrous signature songwriting on full triumphant display.” Erica D'Aurora, Musical Notes Global

Platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel, released their new EP,Fire, TODAY. The six-track EP is the follow-up to their Billboard chart-topping EP's, Water andWind. The new EP is Volume III of a collectible compilation series titled, “Elements,” and includes a bonus seventh track that will continue throughout the series. Undeniably talented songwriters, each track on Fire was written by Sister Hazel with other notable writers Michael Logen, Monte Powell, Jennifer Hansen, and more. Fire was co-produced by Ben Jackson and Sister Hazel. The new EP is available for purchase HERE and is also on all streaming services.

Fire can keep you warm, or it can do great destruction. The fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, passion, and motivation. Sister Hazel's widely anticipated six-track EP, Fire, delivers just that. “Sister Hazel sizzles with the third installment of their four part anthology EP collection, Fire. From the bone chilling opening of "It isn't always written in the stars; sometimes it's written on the back of old guitars" from 'Every Heartbreak' to the powerful and honest "On and On" to the strong country elements of "Fire," Sister Hazel brings a new level of range and complexity to their sound,” said Mark Leon of the Charleston Daily.

FIRE Track List: 1. "Every Heartbreak" Lyrics & Music by: Jett Beres 2. "On and On" Lyrics & Music by: Ryan Newell, Todd Wright, Mike Meadows 3. "Life and Love" Lyrics and Music by: Ken Block, Trent Summar 4. "Fire" Lyrics and Music by: Andrew Copeland, Michael Logen, Jennifer Hansen 5. "She’s All You Need" Lyrics & Music by: Ryan Newell, Todd Wright 6. "Here With You" Lyrics & Music by: Ken Block, Drew Copeland, Monte Powell, Anna Wilson 7. Elements III (Growing Up) Lyrics & Music: Ken Block

Sister Hazel On Tour:

02/28/19 - Sony Hall - New York, NY 03/01/19 - Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf Den - Uncasville, CT 03/02/19 - Tally Ho Theater - Leesburg, VA 03/06/19 - Lava Cantina The Colony - The Colony, TX 03/07/19 - Dosey Doe - Spring, TX 03/08/19 - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi - Biloxi, MS 04/12/19 - Walhalla PAC - Walhalla, SC 04/13/19 - Depot District Music Fest - Lexington, NC 04/17/19 - Epcot® Garden Rocks Concert Series - Orlando, FL 04/18/19 - Epcot® Garden Rocks Concert Series - Orlando, FL 04/19/19 - Epcot® Garden Rocks Concert Series - Orlando, FL 05/16/19 - Gem Theatre - Calhoun, GA 05/18/19 - Harvester Performance Center - Rocky Mount, VA 06/21/19 - The Hang at Hazelnut Isle - Isle Of Palms, SC 06/22/19 - The Hang At Hazelnut Isle - Isle Of Palms, SC 06/23/19 - The Hang at Hazelnut Isle - Isle Of Palms, SC 01/24/19 - 01/29/19 - The Rock Boat

About Sister Hazel:

Originating from Gainesville, FL, Sister Hazel is comprised of five gifted, seasoned musicians whose well-spring of natural talent has been called "one of the Top 100 Most Influential Independent Performers of the last 15 years" by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Song "All for You," topped the adult alternative charts during the summer of 1997 and the success propelled their album to platinum status. In their first showing on the country music charts they made a strong debut with Lighter In The Dark at #4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, #6 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart, #30 on Billboard's Top Current Albums chart and #79 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The band landed on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart again in 2016 with Unplugged From Daryl's House Club at #75. In February 2018, Water, Volume I of a collectible compilation series titled, “Elements,” hit the Billboard Country Albums chart at #9 and at #2 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart along with making their debut on the most revered stage in country music, the Grand Ole Opry. Volume II of Elements titled Wind debuted at #1 on iTunes in September 2018 and at #11 on Billboard Independent Chart, #16 on Billboard Americana/Folk Chart, and #5 on Billboard's Country Album Sales chart. Living up to their fan-centered reputation, the band was a pioneer in the themed cruise industry by co-founding "The Rock Boat" and annually hosts events like the “Hazelnut Hang,” and "Camp Hazelnut" that focuses on creating unique experiences and interacting with the fans. Sister Hazel has been equally attentive to connecting with their audience through social media having amassed over a million social followers. In addition to the events and touring, the band also gives back with “Lyrics For Life.” Founded by singer Ken Block, the charity unites musicians and celebrities for concerts and auctions to benefit cancer research and patient-care charities.

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