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Tim Cote is a singer by night and security by day

Connecticut native Tim Cote found his voice at a young age and realized what he was capable of. He moved to Nashville with plans on making it big, while also making a little money on the side as a security guard for Blake Shelton’s newly opened bar Ole Red, that sits on the strip of Lower Broadway. He now performs on the weekends there and enjoys every minute of it: “I was able to be in the venue when it opened but they weren’t letting employees perform at first. Once I got in, I had to be like everybody else and show my worth and the crowds have been awesome!” Being exposed to such a vibrant atmosphere has been key in Cote’s development and has gained him lots of cred in a very short amount of time.

Being from Connecticut, many would assume that it would not be a place where country music is king but Cote describes just the contrary: “In the Northeast, you don’t think country. People don’t see the countryside where I’m from and they just assume that country music is all about the South. Country can be wherever you want it to be.” Although the love for country music is very similar, Nashville and Connecticut can also be very different and Cote experiences that first-hand as an artist. “It is very different in that in Nashville, you’re playing for less money and that’s a big difference. Up north, it’s mostly just weekend gigs and you don’t play for tips like you do in Nashville.”

With Cote’s recent success, he plans on pursuing music full time in 2019 while also releasing new music. “Right now I have an EP on music streaming sites and that came out in September of 2017. As of now, I’ve been writing quite a bit and I’m hoping to release a song that we demoed recently so I want to push full production on that.”

To stay up to date on Tim Cote, follow him on Instagram and Twitter @TimCoteMusic. Facebook @TimCoteMusic

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