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Interview: Cloumbus-based Alternative Pop Band Something Else Release New Music

Columbus-based alternative pop band Something Else have released their new self-titled EP. Along with a fresh music video for their single "The Fool," Something Else takes a mature approach to their genre, blending influences of both alternative and pop.

We're super excited to be chatting with the band Something Else on the inspiration behind project, upcoming releases, and much more in our interview below!

What's the inspiration behind your self-titled EP? The inspiration for the EP is self doubt, hypocrisy, and the fears that tend to rule our minds.

How did the formation of Something Else come to be? Why did you choose this name? It started with Aidan and Landen, playing acoustic on their porch and learning how to write songs. When they decided to turn electric they brought in Colin on bass, and Dooley on drums, to help them fill in the missing pieces.

What's your 2019 goals? Our goals for the year are to tour the US and record a new record.

How does this release reflect you other releases? This was our debut release other than 2 singles from the EP.

Where can our readers follow you at?


Twitter @SomethingElseOH

Instagram @SomethingElseOH

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