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Interview: Aaron David Gleason Shares Message Behind New Four-Piece Project

Over the past 17 years, Aaron David Gleason has shed his skin from an alternative firebrand of the now-defunct The Midnight Radio to a funkadelic groove man named Gilly Leads to a hyper-sensitive psych-rocker.

We're super excited to be chatting with Aaron about his new project, growing up in a powerful family, and much more below!

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your four-album project last Friday. Why is this release so special to you? What made you want to share this music with the world? This music was almost lost to the sands of time, depression, contempt and finance. But now, as a new father, I really thought, "My son can't think that I only released one album. I have four albums worth of material sitting on my hard drive. I need to clean that stuff up (remaster, new art work) and put it out there. Back in the day, some music industry executives expressed disinterest, and me, a product of the last bastion of that era, believed them -- too much. I think I finally said, "I want to change the way I feel about this music, because I know it's worthy."

You're the son of Tony-Award Winning Broadway Performer Joanna Gleason. What was it like growing up for you? Is that when you found your passion for music? Both my parents have an emotional and physical connection to music. Growing up, the idea of somebody bursting into song, apropos of nothing, was not a stretch. I still do it. What can I say, it's liberating. To be more specific, I think my mother taught me Melody and Harmony, and my father taught me Rhythm and Form.

What's your 2019 New Years Resolution? Well, really to care less about how I'm perceived in the business. Because, as I've now found, I have no idea. I thought that person hated me -- they didn't. I thought that other person liked me -- they don't. You know what, this is a waste of time, I have songs to write!

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? RADIO RADIO RADIO. My small, but awesome team over here at Brashtooth Records are excited about releasing our first singles from this batch. Probably going with "You Belong In The Movies" and "I was a Teenage Zombie."

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