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Flash Review: Gone West Breaks Through with Country Debut with EP 'Tides'

The quartet, Gone West, is comprised of four singers and musicians who have joined forces to create magic. Most notable is Colbie Caillat, the Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter. Caillat is joined by multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jason Reeves, singer-songwriter Justin Kawika Young, and ACM and CMT nominated Nelly Joy.

On January 18th, Gone West released their debut EP, Tides, and we’re already anxious to hear more. The EP opens with “Gone West,” a song describing how each of the band’s four members went west and ending up in California. “I’ve gone west, bring the best back with me.” With this exact song, you can close your eyes and hear vibes from Little Big Town. With tearful emotion, “Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is,” showcases the story of the end of something great.

With their pick-me up song “Confetti,” the foursome shares the devotion to turning a broken relationship into a positive. “Yeah, my heart didn’t break when I broke into the old bottle of fancy champagne / I’ve been saving for the perfect time / You can’t rain on my parade / Got my freedom, gonna celebrate / When you left, I was so damn ready / No tears fell, just confetti.”

With the release of the EP it wraps up with the meaningful song, “This Time.” With this song, you can feel how well they are able to harmonize and blend their voices together,

Tides is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out newer recently releases music on our “Friday Flash” playlist. Follow the playlist for a follow for your weekly new music fix.

Keep up with Gone West by visiting and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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