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Flash Review: All-Female Vocal Group Farewell Angelina Release New EP

All-female vocal group Farewell Angelina is kicking down the doors with the release of their second EP Women & Wine. With the release featuring seven songs, the EP gives listeners an unique insight into future plans for the ladies of the group.

The first song on the EP, the title track, “Women & Wine” is a powerful feel-good anthem that every women out there can personally relate to “Nothing goes better than your friends together on a random Tuesday night / When your world is upside down it will always set you right / So pour it out drink it up / In Waterford or a Dixie cup”

“Vintage is a definition of a windows-down summer drive love song. It showcases the feeling of finding old-school love that you’d never thought you would find or even exists. “You’re vintage you’re classic / You’re made of old school magic / You’re a mixtape 68 Camaro heavy metal frame”

The last track featured on the EP, “I Feel You”, is a powerful heartfelt ballad about not being alone in the darkest days. “I feel you in everything I do / Every storm that I drive through / Every day that’s black and blue / I feel you even when you’re not here.” The telling lyrics from Farewell Angelina can be interpreted different by every person but still have the same message.

You can stream other featured titles including “Baby”, “Forever By My Always”, “Vintage”, and “Ghosts” on the sophomore EP. Women & Wine is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out newer recently releases music on our “Friday Flash” playlist. Follow the playlist for a follow for your weekly new music fix.

Keep up with Farewell Angeline at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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