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Premiere: Mysterious artist, only known as the letter Z, releases his new single, ‘Mystic’

This mysterious artist, who is only known as the letter Z, released his new single, “Mystic.” If you were to listen to this song, without knowing who wrote it, you would think this was a new song by Pink Floyd. One word to describe “Mystic” would be psychedelic. In this project in particular, Z wanted to incorporate earth, water, fire, and alchemy to his music; for he was a geologist, competitive swimmer, and an environmental and energy business executive.

“Mystic Mountain. Mystic Water. Mystic Sun. You feed me energy on this lonely road.”

After the release of his new single, he followed up with a music video, featuring David Uosikkenen and Eric Bazilian. Z had a vision in mind for his music video, the director and film crew were able to fulfill his wishes. I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to be an extra in the music video, and see behind the scenes of the filming. There’s one thing when filming the video, but another to see how they put it all together. Throughout, you will notice inside the picture frame and background continues to change scenery. It was interesting to see what they did with the frame. When filming, the frame was empty. I was curious as to what they were going to do. It was really cool how inside the frame, they added moving pictures. I was highly impressed with the video itself. The “Mystic” music video really brings the song to life.

I thought the video was very well put together. It’s certainly attractive to the viewer’s eye. I would say the song is more mellow, but the video got more of an upbeat to it. I like how it switches to different scenes and characters. It’s not stuck in one setting. “Mystic” is psychedelic and I thought the video did a great job capturing it. It messes with your mind. What I like about this video is how it makes the viewer think.

“The consistency, though, reverberates in every note, beat & chord ... derived from love & authenticity.”

Once you listen to the song, the chorus will be stuck in your head. It’s extremely catchy. “Mystic” is very well balanced. The song is not too fast or too slow. It is an easy listen, but it also won’t put the listener to sleep.

Z’s vocals are astounding. He creates this mischievous sound. Which gives the listener this creepy and mysterious vibe, just like the man himself.

“Mystic” will leave you tripping. The video is available to watch on YouTube. You can also download and stream the song on all music platforms.

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