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Interview: Caroline Marquard Buzzing Around the Music Industry

If you haven't heard the debut single from Caroline Marquard, you're missing out on the next rising star of country music. With the release of her debut single "Not A Rolling Stone", Caroline showcases her abilities and sound to the world.

Being named one of Music Update Central's 2019 Female Country Artists to Watch, Caroline wrapped up 2018 with several performance around Nashville, writing, and so much more to share with you all in 2019!

I'm super excited to had the opportunity to interview Caroline about her latest project, upcoming releases, and so much more in our interview below!

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your new single, "Not A Rolling Stone". What's the inspiration behind the single? I’m so excited about “Not A Rolling Stone” being out! The inspiration behind the song was self empowerment, I really wanted it to be like a little reminder to believe in yourself and to remember how strong you are! Life is hard sometimes and it’s easy to get stuck in a bad headspace, so my hope was that this song helps shines some light on the good during the tough times. Do you live in Nashville? If so, what's some of your favorite stories that you've had co-writing. I’ve lived in Nashville a little over 2 years now. It is my favorite place! One of my most memorable co-writes was when I got to write with Liz Rose. I love Taylor Swift and know almost all of her songs, many of which Rose co-wrote. So, it was pretty surreal to get to see her process and truly learn from the best. For the first hour of our session, I think I just sat there in awe. It was the coolest experience and we got an awesome song out of it. The world might get to hear it one day! What made you want to pursue a musical career? Music was my first love, so there was never really a moment where I decided this is what I wanted to do. I always just knew. I think one of the pivotal moments of making this into a career versus a hobby was when I left Berklee College of Music after one semester. I really wanted to give myself a fair shot at a career in music, and I knew that meant spending every minute putting my 100% into it, which I couldn’t do sitting in a classroom.

What are your goals for the next five years? I have so many dreams and goals I want to accomplish in the next five years. Some of my biggest goals are to release a full length album, go on my own headlining tour and I’d love to get a few more songwriting cuts under my belt. The list goes on and on, one step at a time. Do you have any projects that you're working on? Yes! I have a little video coming out very soon of a Christmas song I wrote last holiday season. It’s super festive and something special for this time of year. I’m also working on more new music that will be released next year which I’m stoked for! Stay tuned! You can connect with Caroline Marquard by visiting and following Caroline on Instagram @carolinemarquard and Twitter @carmarquard.

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