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Review: "All We Have Is Hope" by Lethbridge Owen

Lethbridge Owen released their single, “All We Have Is Hope.” Lethbridge Owen consist of Kelly Louise Lethbridge and Jimmy Owen. The band brings a mix of Folk, Rock, and a West Coast style to their music. Influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Heart, to Bonnie Raitt.

“All We Have Is Hope” has a video to go along with the song, which can be found on YouTube. Kelly has such an angelic voice. The harmonies blend so perfectly together. Unlike many of today's mainstream artists, they have this unique sound and style about them. The song has this steady beat. It’s not too fast or too slow. It just has a nice flow to it. They are saying, Jimmy Owen is one of the best guitarists in the UK right now, and the guitar licks says it all.

With the release of this single, they have a debut album in the works called “Mind Over Matter.” Jimmy says, "this record really is the result of emotion, rawness and passion for the music and what I truly believe in. I felt confessional and open when writing but most of all free and creative." Kelly responds, “I feel it’s an expression of hard work and perseverance through many aspects of what life throws peoples’ way. I feel it’s also about ambitions and passion; that’s what I feel.”

When listening to “All We Have Is Hope,” you can tell how passionate they are about their music. It looks like these two take lots of pride in their craft. I think Lethbridge Owen has a good head on their shoulder and are doing music the right way. This is a group that I would certainly keep an eye out for. Nonetheless, I thought Kelly and Jimmy came out with an impressive single. "All We Have Is Hope"gives listeners a good preview of what to kind of expect with their upcoming, debut album. “Mind Over Matter” is now available for pre-order.

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