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Review: "Tell Me It's Over" by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne releases her new single, “Tell Me It’s Over.” It sure isn't over for pop princess, landing a top spot on the charts. After taking time off from the music scene, she dropped her first single off her new album, “Head Above Water.” This is a little different style from what we have heard, back in the early 2000s. Avril is showing a more mature sound, and how much she has grown as an artist.

“Tell Me it’s Over” tells a story about a relationship that broke off. She’s confused as to why he left. She doesn’t want to believe the relationship is over, because everything seemed as though it was fine. But in reality, there were serious problems. She says, “but every time that you touch me. I forget what we're fighting about. Oh, you come and you leave. Shame on me for believing every word out of your mouth.” I think a lot of us can relate when a relationship comes to a sudden end.

Avril describes this person as very charming and is able to manipulate any situation. For she is in a relationship with a very narcissistic person. “I keep on leaving the light on. Hoping to find something else, oh I've played the fool for the last time. I just can't do this myself.” From how I interpreted the song, this person ghosted her and is making her feel crazy because of it.

“Tell Me it’s Over” really does a great job showcasing Avril’s vocals, for it’s such a powerful song. The listener can feel the emotions in her voice. The story she tells, I thought was projected very clearly. The song has a nice flow and ring to it, where it catches the listener’s ear. Overall, I am highly impressed with the song itself, and the production was second to none. It’s been incredible to watch Avril’s journey. The new year will sure be exciting nonetheless, for Avril Lavigne's new album, “Head Above Water” will be releasing February 15, 2019. Stay tuned!

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