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Review: 'Better Off Without You' by Tatiana Lima

Pop artist, Tatiana Lima released her brand new single “Better Off Without You.” A little background on Tatiana is that she’s a Jersey girl with Brazilian roots. Growing up, she struggled with Epilepsy. The challenges and pain she faced, her lyrics became more meaningful; for this took her songwriting to a deeper level.

“Better Off Without You” embraces self respect and empowerment. The song really showcases Tatiana’s powerful vocals. By the energy and sound of her voice, you can tell this song means a lot to her. “People, especially women in abusive relationships, need to stand up, have self-respect and realize that you are better off without that negativity in your life.”

This song is all about being able to let go and move on from a person and/or situation that hurt you. They may have ruined your past, but they shouldn’t affect your future. Sometimes it’s better to let someone go. Eventually, you will realize that you were better off without them. Those who caused damage in your past, are in the past for a reason. They are not in control of your life anymore, because you have made the decision to let them go. “No matter what circumstances you are in, you have the ability to overcome it and move forward! Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.”

“Better Off Without You” is available on all music platforms.

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