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Interaction is Important

You say being an artist, you don’t need the labels to be successful, because you have the access with technology to build an audience. Which is true. The difference is major labels control the big radio stations. That’s why it’s extremely hard for an independent artist to make it to that next level. It just depends what you want to do.

You have to distinguish yourself as an artist. Are you a cover band, just want to play writers rounds, or are you trying to be the next big star. You can make a decent living off making music, by doing it on your own. But most of these gigs that artist play at, can only play cover songs and not original music. Writers rounds, they don’t typically get paid. In my opinion, you need to do both, if you want to be taken serious as an artist.

You say you need technology to make it in music. Yeah, it’s a very helpful tool. Especially, in the music industry. That’s how artists promote themselves. But how do you get random people, who follow you to download, stream, and come out to gigs?

Since the major labels control the big radio stations, their artists are already on the best playlists. Whereas, a new artist has a hard time getting enough streams, and if they end up on these playlist, it doesn’t usually last very long.

I’ve noticed by living in Nashville, the ones who are very personable with people in person and online, are the ones who have been successful. They were the ones who were able to make it on the charts for a little bit. I think a lot had to do with interaction. It’s key in this business.

A lot of people follow others, who have some kind mutual connection. I believe you need a real interaction, and you have to be very personable to get yourself out there. Many artists that I’ve met, may have 50,000 followers, but not even half are true ones. Either they bought followers or follow just to unfollow. To me that’s an automatic turn off. A lot of these artists that I’ve encountered are entitled. They believe the fans owe them something in some manner.

These artist if and when they interact with fans and/or followers, they only like or comment emojis with them. That’s not interacting. That says to me, they don’t care about their fans. I think when a new artist, who’s trying to build an audience, it doesn’t help them if they are not making genuine connections online with others.

Some have mentioned, how it all depends on the market. What I’ve experienced in Nashville, these artists come to try and make it. They have pitched to major labels and got turned down. That just means the market isn’t there with what they are producing. If it was, they wouldn’t even consider pitching to a label, because their songs have made it without their help.

I think a lot has to do with artists, writing songs just to try and find that one hit that will make them; instead of writing what truly means a lot to them. Many are writing for fame, and not doing it because they love it. I think the ones who love what they do, and produce material that comes from the heart, I believe they are the ones who truly are successful in the music industry.

Xo Brittany

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