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Lacy Cavalier Releases Personal Single ‘Cheating on U’

Nashville singer/songwriter, Lacy Cavalier has officially released her newest single, entitled “Cheating on U” to all streaming platforms. Previously, Cavalier released a vlog style lyric video for the track last month on her YouTube channel with no intention on releasing it in the upcoming month as an official single. In the description, she explains how important this song is to her and why she had doubts releasing it. “I wrote this song a little over a year ago and honestly never thought it’d be something I’d release. It felt too invasive,” she writes. “But the more I lived with it, the more I realized that there’s no way I can only be the person that had these thoughts.”

The singer-songwriter starts the video with a message what seems to be to an ex-boyfriend, which the song is about. The vulnerably honest track tells the personal story of her past relationship, especially highlighting the negative aspects. She sings in the chorus, “I wish I didn’t feel like you’re the one / Still, it doesn’t really feel like this is done / When I’m out here on dates, tryna find new love / Yeah it’s been a month or two, since we said that we are through / So why does it feel like I’m cheating on you”.

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