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You're Not Going To Forget Pop/Rock Band, You're Fired!

Pop/Rock Band, "You're Fired!" just released their newest single, Forgetmenow, on all streaming platforms. We're super excited to chat with Nolan and Joe of You're Fired! about their upcoming projects, pursuing a musical career, and much more in our interview!

What made you want to pursue a musical career? Nolan: It always peaked my curiosity, even at a young age, about how a song was composed and made. Once I got into high school, I grew an infatuation for recording and producing. I just thought it was so insane how a song could be created in a DAW. Each one completely different with the mix, what each track consists of, literally everything. Since I was literally horrible at first, I had to record myself considering no one would want to record with me. Eventually as a songwriter and musician I grew from there to what I do today.

Joe: I grew up listening to my parents’ mix CDs, consisting of Billy Joel, Meatloaf, Van Halen, Eagles, all that stuff. With all the classics in my head at a young age I naturally went to explore other genres and when I found hair/glam metal, I fell in love with the sound. I wanted to write and perform just like White Lion, Ratt, Skid Row, all those guys. I wanted to wear crazy clothes, play colorful guitars, and have long hair. I finally bought my first guitar, a red Ibanez RG. After that, I started learning songs and solos from my favorite bands and eventually got to right here and now.

Tell us the story/message behind your upcoming release. Nolan: The instrumentals to the song were actually written about three years ago by Joe, and he could never really bring it to life in the studio and write lyrics to go along with it. I had always loved the demo, and recently he brought it to me for us to finish together. We didn't want the lyrics to be some typical cliche, and we sat down together brainstorming different subjects we could talk about. “Murder” was one tossed around, and as time progressed it ended up sticking better than we thought it would. I banged out the lyrics in about a weeks-time and wrote a whole melody and story about this man who is framed for murder and can't prove his innocence. I then took it in to record with dark synths, punchy drums, and heavy guitar tones. It’s just a story, but there’s a dark and spooky element that the lyrics bring along with the instrumentals.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Joe: To be completely honest, I have no idea where we will end up in five years. I do hope that there’s progression as songwriters and performers, living healthy and happy, and making a living out of what is loved most. I don’t want to have a normal nine-to-five job when I’m 30. All of that is on my hands, I just have to figure out how to get there.

What was the first instrument you learned? What was that like for you? Nolan: The first instrument I learned was the saxophone in middle school band. I loved that shit. I remember wanting to play for the jazz band so bad, I learned a bunch of their standards to the point of being able to play them with my eyes closed. I don’t play sax as much as I used to, but it still makes an appearance every now and then.

Joe: Whenever I would go over my grandparents house as a kid, I would always be playing their piano. I would sit there for hours figuring out how to play Christmas songs or nursery rhymes. Later on, my mom bought me a Casio keyboard when I was probably about seven or eight so I could play at home. I eventually grew to learn songs by Elton John and The Barenaked Ladies, and after a while I naturally progressed over to guitar.

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