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Review: Baylor Wilson is ‘Prayin’ for Rain’

This is the third single country music artist, Baylor Wilson released this year. The first song we've ever heard from Baylor was "New Light." She was getting a lot of good feedback from fans that she decided to follow up with another single, "I Can't Help But Break." Recently, she dropped her newest single, “Prayin’ for Rain.” The three singles all have a similar theme to each other. They all talk about not giving up in life; whether that be love, friendships, dreams, etc. When you’re having a bad day, her songs will uplift your spirits.

When Baylor announced the title of her new song, “Prayin’ for Rain,” I didn’t know what to expect this time around. I really like how she put a hidden message into this song. Throughout, she mentions not to blame and/or complain. For example, “when you’re laying on the track, don’t blame the train.” I feel as though her intentions were don’t blame anyone but yourself; especially, when you’re not putting in the work and giving zero to minimal effort to make a change in your life. What I’m really impressed with her the most, as a new artist, making her way around the music industry, she has already created a distinguished sound. Baylor just has one of those voices that when the listener hears her songs playing on the radio, they will automatically be able to point out who it is.

All the singles have a similar theme, so I’m wondering if this is leading to more of a bigger picture. It will certainly be interesting to see if she follows up with an EP and/or album in the near future. “Prayin’ for Rain” has my giving grace. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on Baylor’s career, because I’m interested to see what she has in store for us.


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