Review: Anthony Orio takes us back to his roots with his new single, 'Heaven for Hellions'

Up to the day of the release of “Heaven for Hellions,” Anthony has been giving his fans a sneak peak of what to expect from his new single. He’s been posting on social media about his friends he grew up with, who he considers his “hellions.” This is more than just a song for Anthony, but a collections of memories well spent with good friends that will last to the end of time.

“Heaven for Hellions” was a little different style than the previous EP, he released last year which ended up #16 on the iTunes country album charts. His EP “Undeniable” had a more motown vibe; whereas this single went in a different direction. “Heaven for Hellions” has more of a country sound. In the country realm, I see this song doing very well for Anthony. This song is definitely relatable to the average listener, for we all have that one friend that will stick by our side through thick and thin. “That’s Heaven for Hellions like us.”

“Heaven for Hellions” takes us back to Orio’s roots. We learn where he came from, and what him and his “hellions” did together back in the day. I genuinely like the direction he went with this song. I’ll be interested to see what he’ll follow up after with this single.