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Why They Should Hire You

There’s a lot of great artists out there, you wonder why hasn’t anyone signed them yet? There could be many reasons. If you’re going to pitch yourself to a major label, you got to be ready. You might have written a few decent songs but what else do you got? The major labels will be looking at whether this artist is worth investing in. Can they produce or can’t they? If you’re an artist coming out with only a few songs every year or two, the first thing they’re going to think is this artist can barely produce a 4 - 6 song ep in two years. How are we going to rely on this artist producing a 10 song album every year or two, and going on tours. You won’t look reliable and/or able to produce enough material. They want an artist who’s going to continue to produce. They’re going to invest in someone they feel will bring value to the company. For example, Florida Georgia Line came prepared. They showed up to Big Machine with a shit ton of songs and the rest is history. Another thing to note, the majors labels aren’t going to come to you. They don’t know you. You got to go to them and show them why you have what it takes than the next person in line.

My advice is: 1. Continue to work on your craft/skills, stage presence, etc. 2. Write! Write! Write! 3. And continue to build an audience on social media.

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