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Haley Vassar’s Newest Single is Reaching From New York to Nashville and Beyond

If you’ve listened to music in the last twenty years, particularly country music, you certainly recognize the last name Vassar. Country singer/songwriter Phil Vassar has passed down his love of music to his daughter, Haley Vassar. At just twenty years old, Vassar has made quite the name for herself not as a country singer, but as an upcoming pop star, being mentioned as a trendsetter in Vogue magazine and even being featured on the Nashville Sign. “It was so surreal. I’m living in New York right now and I didn’t even know I was up there and my mom was driving by and saw it and sent me a picture. She called me soon after and was crying” she says. This was a personal experience for Vassar, who has called Nashville home for most of her life.

Even though Vassar was exposed to the Country music scene growing up, she gravitated toward pop and R&B music but isn’t against the idea of venturing out to different genres. “I like music in general and I didn’t necessarily choose against country music but I felt like pop has inspired me the most. I never want to say never when it comes to branching out to different genres but I just feel like growing up in Nashville and country music being so close to you, I just felt like venturing out to other genres. When I started writing, I felt like my style was more R&B and pop” she says.

Vassar recently moved to New York and frequently makes trips to Los Angeles to write and produce new music. Both New York and Los Angeles give Vassar a new taste of music that she might not have been exposed to back home. “It’s really cool to write in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville because all the music scenes are different. New York is more adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new sounds and you focus more on the track and then you start the lyrics. In Nashville, it’s more organic where you write the lyrics first and then everything else comes after that.”

Her latest single “Can’t Fall Slow” was recently released and has received very good feedback from fans and the music industry. The song was written in Nashville and was then taken to New York to be produced, making it a very personal song for Vassar. It has a very unique story line that will surely take over any listeners playlist. “This single is about a relationship when you’re trying to be sensible and take things slow but you’ve got this amazing chemistry with this person and you end up falling hard” she says. Vassar plans on showcasing her newest single on stage in the coming months. To follow her journey to stardom, visit

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