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If You Enjoy Listening to Bluegrass and Gospel, “Was Nots” by The King James Boys is For You

It all started solely as a group that sang at their church, but a certain vision entered into The King James Boy’s minds to perform abroad and get their message out and that’s what they’re doing today with their new single “Was Nots.” This is one of eleven songs that will be released in their newest album Time To Go Home which features a unique blend of Bluegrass and Gospel, a certain sound that will catch the ears of traditional country lovers.

This group travels 90-100 times a year all over the country, making stops at some world-renowned venues and events like Ernest Tubb’s Midnight Jamboree in Nashville and at Dollywood. This has created quite a large fan base and even got them nominated for the “Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year” at the SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards in 2018. The church background can be heard throughout this song as mentions of the bible are prevalent throughout, making them a faith-oriented group that fans of all ages can enjoy.

The King James Boys and their new single will have every listener clapping and singing along and it will surely be a favorite on the set list as they travel through the Southeast to different churches and festivals during the autumn months. To keep up to date on new music and tour dates, visit

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