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Kimberly Kelly’s EP is the Country Music We’ve All Missed

With her style and persona to match her music, Texas native Kimberly Kelly is bringing back female empowered country music with her new EP Don’t Blame It on Me. This EP features a traditional sound that many fans have missed hearing on the radio since the rise of pop country, making her an intriguing new addition to country music.

This five-track EP features a variety of storylines and traditional country instruments that will have fans listening to it all day long. Songs like “Daddy’s 8-Track” are both odes to her upbringing in Texas, while title-track “Don’t Blame It on Me” is a country love tune that would fit perfectly between Deana Carter and Dolly Parton on your playlist. She is simply that talented. If you feel the need to be empowered, listen to “Prayer and a Six Pack” which features some fierce guitar licks and a fiddle, both of which often bring fans to their feet during live performances.

Kimberly Kelly has a natural talent and her traditional, yet flashy personality will propel her to the highest level of country music and it’s no surprise that she has already accomplished some career changing feats like taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. To follow her journey and stay updated on new music and tour dates, follow her on Instagram @kimberlykellymusic or go to

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