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Cory Singer Interview with MUC About His 'Blind In Love' Release

The obvious starting point is to look at his last name – Singer. Yeah, you could say Cory Singer was destined to take the role of performing and entertaining the masses with a name like that. You could also start with his home base – he’s a Jersey guy. But, let’s start with something that makes him stand out – Singer’s “Blind In Love” is not your typical alternative rock song; it’s a result of years of hard work and determination.

And discipline.

“I’m an old soul,” Singer, 23, said, his voice friendly and tinged with surprisingly aged humility. It’s a Monday afternoon and like most indie musicians he’s already put in a full days work of music and social media promotions.

“I think in a way technology makes things easier with music and all,” Singer said. “But then again it can make things too easy, and you’re not pushing yourself. I prefer live recording with musicians. It’s more organic.”

Produced by Wes Edmunds, “Blind In Love” is a captivating song with polished guitars, sassy horns and Singer’s signature vocals. The former self-described ‘theater geek’ has his stamp: dramatic vocals colored with character and emotion. The song meaning has to do with Singer himself being a nice guy and from afar wondering why certain girls choose jerks. Fans of Ed Sheeran, Rob Thomas and even Charlie Puth will swoon over Singer’s catchy tune and layered artistry.

“I grew up with rock and roll, but I also did grow up with musical theatre,” Singer said. “I feel like that is missing in today’s music scene – people developing their own sound. Their signature, way of making things their own.

“If you listen to the song, it’s kind of a creepy song, but it works perfectly. When I wrote it initially I didn’t write it as a stalker song. I see people these girls that are dating a guy, the nice way of putting it, their jerks. Here I am…I’m a nice guy, I cook, I clean, I know all the great places to eat, and you’re going with a guy that’s obsessed with himself.”

While listening to “Blind In Love” you do get a sense of Singer as an artist and as a person. Outside of music he’s positioned himself to be in the best shape mentally and physically. When he first started out in the music business the feedback was that he had the voice and the talent – but his weight became a factor.

Now, a typical day consists of getting up at 4:30 a.m., hitting the gym, a day job and working on music (writing, preparing YouTube videos and more).

“I do my best to make my day about music,” Singer said. “I try to stay very disciplined with my life. It’s one thing to do music, and it’s another thing to do music and look good. When I first started out in music I was not in good shape, I was actually a heavyset guy. I was in Nashville and someone said, ‘you got the talent, you’ve got to work on your look. And a big part of that is your weight…’ they were right. I’m like 5’5” and I was 220 pounds.”

He’s since lost 70 pounds. Besides trimming his waistline, his voice and confidence improved.

“It brought out a confidence in me that I think comes across in my music now,” he said. “Back in the day, in the 60s, 70s, it didn’t matter what they looked like. You cared about the songs. If they looked good, that was a bonus. Now it’s become such an artificial thing. It’s more about the sex that sells the music, and that’s so demeaning. It takes away from what music is really about. It’s about bringing people together.”

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