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No Dry County Reveals Their Pride in Newest Album

Texas-based Americana band No Dry County (NDC) is making huge strides on becoming the next best country group with their newest album "Panhandle Music." The album's title originated when describing the type of music that has come out of the dusty West Texas region, making it the perfect name to describe NDC's newest album.

The 13-track album features a wide variety of songs that describe the people within this West Texas region. Every song has a different story to tell, whether it's a truck driver fantasizing about running guns for Elvis, or an ex-rodeo cowboy that is now a truck salesman. "Panhandle Music" is truly a unique masterpiece that took lots of hours and creativity.

NDC's nostalgic Texas sound allows them to bridge across to multiple different genres and this album is further testament. This four-piece group based in Lubbock, Texas will knock your boots off night after night with their electric soul that is undeniable. Over the next few months, NDC will be out on the road performing throughout Texas in cities like Fort Worth and their hometown of Lubbock. Follow their journey on Instagram and Twitter @nodrycounty.

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