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Meet Country Couple RF Donovan

Country music is often centered around a love story and American Country duo Rob Donovan and Faith Haroldson lives that love story every single day. In fact, the two are so infatuated with one another that they even decided to create music together as RF Donovan. The Minnesota natives have had a very busy year to say the least, releasing their debut EP in December of 2017 as well as their first radio single "Tennessee Honey" earlier in the summer.

The blending of their voices have gotten the attention of many in Nashville, ultimately earning them to come to Music City for CMA Fest where they interacted with fans from all over the world. RF Donovan will continue to grow their fan base as they are out on tour, traveling the midwest to places like Iowa and their home state of Minnesota.

Check out the interview I had with Rob and Faith:

You’ve opened for some very popular artists such as fellow duo Brothers Osborne. What have you learned from them that you can apply to your own career?

"We’ve been lucky enough to have this opportunity starting out to get an up close, behind the scenes look at how a class act gives a performance. We’ve learned to really bring the energy, and make everyone feel a part of what we have on stage no matter how many are in attendance. Love what you do, and people will love being around it!"

You received great feedback from fans after releasing your single “Tennessee Honey” and even were invited to attend the CMA Fan Fair X. What was it like meeting the fans who essentially bought the single and supported your music?

"To be invited to CMA Fan Fair on our first year was an incredible experience. It was an awesome feeling to see many people relate to Tennessee Honey, and to meet people who knew us from around the world! It really brought things in to perspective of how music can really bring people together, and why we do this!"

What’s it like to work together as a duo while also being a couple? Do you find inspiration in your music from being a couple?

"We couldn’t think of anything we’d rather do with our lives, even with all the challenges it can present. When people get to know us they really start to see how much we do things as one, always leaning on each other for anything life throws at us. Before we were dating we connected through our mutual passion for music. Once we got together, music has only brought us closer while teaching us many life lessons. Most of everything we write or find inspiration with is what we are feeling as a couple. Being in a relationship will always have its fair share of stories, and we hope to relate ours with the fans."

What do you plan on accomplishing musically within the next year?

"Our plan is to release new singles throughout the year. We’ve been touring on and off for a year now, and we’ve really started to crave the studio to get new music out there. We feel like we’ve introduced ourselves, but now we’d like to dive deeper in to developing what makes our sound."

How important was it to travel to Nashville to record your debut EP as opposed to recording it in Minneapolis?

"Traveling to Nashville to record our first EP was really fun! We split time between the two cities to capture both styles of production. Nashville gave us a side of music people talk about, but really have to experience to know. The musicians are so in tune with each other, and the ideas flowing in the room once production starts is a one of a kind experience! We are very grateful to see this early on in our career so we understand, and can always hold our studio work to that level of productivity."

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