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Meet Brett Eldredge's Best Friend

Brett Eldredge knows the question is coming. The artist behind such hits as “Don’t You” and the current “Love Someone” is constantly asked about his companion that he has been spending time with since 2016 – his dog Edgar! It’s a subject that he doesn’t mind discussing. “Edgar is good,” he says with a laugh. “We just went on a hike in Utah. He goes everywhere with me. I bring him out on stage quite a bit – to the point that if I don’t – people will yell out ‘Where’s Edgar?’ He’s always by my side, most of the time. It feels good to have that road companion. He makes everything right in the world. There’s nothing like the love of a pup.

Eldredge – who will kick off the second leg of his The Long Way Tour in Denver come September 13 – says that the old adage about dogs being “Man’s Best Friend” is exactly true.

“It’s amazing. I always wanted to have a dog of my own, especially to have on the road with me and for running around. He might have the persona of a dog, but it’s like he is a person. He’s so real and unique that I think everyone has just fallen in love with him. There’s so many fans who will hold signs for him in the stands each night. I think that everyone appreciates the companionship you get from a dog, and the pure and unconditional love that they give. That’s what Edgar does for me. It’s cool that everybody supports that.”

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