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Marisa Ray Shows Toughness in her Debut EP 'Bent, Not Broken'

Since moving to Nashville at age 13, Marisa Ray knew that she had a knack for singing. She learned to play guitar and write songs, eventually creating her own music, including her debut EP "Bent, Not Broken." The Belmont University senior has gained quite a following since the release of the EP on June 30th, racking up 1,000 streams her title track in just the first two weeks and having over 900 monthly listeners since the release. There's no doubt that this EP will gain Ray some validation for the future.

This five track EP shows lots of perseverance through failure, making it an album that can really help someone going through the same feelings that each song portrays. This EP is an inspiring project that any fan of country music should certainly listen to.

This EP is not the last time you will hear the name Marisa Ray. Her natural ability to perform and put out music is something that could potentially put her above the rest. Check out "Bent, Not Broken" on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere music can be streamed!

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