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Heather Land Shares the Story Behind Her Viral Videos & Foundation of Her Career

A year ago, Heather Land was just a single mom with a teenager obsessed with Snapchat. Today, she's touring the country as a comedian and musician.

"The videos are really just my personality and they weren't done on a personal level," explains Land. "I always shared the videos between my friends, however they dared me to post my first video on social media. It blew up from there!"

Her "I ain't doing it" videos have reached millions of viewers. Land says she's just being herself and tapping into the thoughts we're all thinking but would never dare to say out loud. However, as she embrasses on her tour across the states, fans can experince that in person. Aside from her comedy, Heather used the foundation she built to release her first country album, "Counting On".

"Music has always been at the heart of me. I was a worship leader for about twenty-years. So, that's always been the foundation of what's underneath all of the other comedy. I'm able to use my platform to share the music, comedy, and writing. It's really a package deal for me," expresses Heather. "I'm not trying to do necessarily one without the other. I just want to be kind of everything that I am and throw it out to the public and see the response."

"I wasn't sure what to expect. I was so scared. I grew up on the Opry, so I was very nervous. However, it ended up being probably one of the most greatest experiences," expresses Heather. "It was such a nostalgic event. You know there's so much in the air at the Opry and the greatest thing was I was able to be accepted as myself, which is key."

Aside from her passions, Heather hopes her story and passion encourages other women throughout the world to pursue their passions.

"I think if you are living authentically and not giving up on who you are created to be. I just know in my gut that good things come out of that. I am living proof of that," expresses Heather. "Surround yourself with good people and stay true to who you are. People crave authenticity."

The journey doesn't stop at being a musician and comedian. Heather will be able to add author to the list as she plans to release her first book in Spring 2019.

Follow along on the "I Ain't Doin' It" journey as the world quickly falls for the talent Heather has to offer by visiting her website Also connect with Heather Land on Facebook and Instagram.

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