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Mocha Bands Seeks Rap Game Vitality With Release of 'Longevity'

At 19 years old, New York City native rapper and actress Mocha Bands is already making waves for herself. With her newest release, "Longevity", Bands showcases to the world that she's here to stay.

"As an artist, my overall goal is to have a long lasting impact not only on my listeners, but on the rap game as a whole," expresses Bands. "That alone is what inspired the song "Longevity". I long for longevity in both my musical and acting career."

The song explores the dedication required to have a long-lasting career in the music industry. JAY is an important influence for Mocha, inspiring her to push her pen and to make sure she captures the true essence of Hip Hop culture.

"The only advice I want to give other females is to love yourself immensely and know that you’re a queen who deserves nothing but the absolute best. Always be independent, driven and resilient while carrying yourself as a lady."

Aside from her musical career, Bands also is apart of Fox's STAR and Netflix's The Get Down.

"It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of both projects. I wanted to pursue these roles because although they were fictional characters, they both represented very important woman in society. My role on “The Get Down” signified a strong, intelligent female leader who promised peace, love and unity. The fact that the TGD was based on hip hop and how it started, sold me from day one!" shares Bands. "My character on “STAR” was also a young female who has been through many hardships and has made poor decisions leading to her placement in a juvenile detention center. Beyond her hard exterior lies a smart and loving character who wanted nothing but to change her life for the better. She represents many young women who are born into a hard life but still have the will to be something greater. Unfortunately, my character died in a fire but she gained a lot of support and love from fans who watched, but disliked what she displayed early on in the show."

You can learn more about Moncha Bands by checking out her website

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