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The Becoming of VALA

What's the story behind your single "I've Got Me”? The three of us have been close friends for a long time, and have all experienced the extreme ups and downs of being creative business owners. The song is about being an independent woman who's able to take care of herself. You’re talking to three women who have been in every conceivable position together as friends. We are now doing well in our businesses and lives, and we were able to get each other there- to do it together. It celebrates the hard work that it takes to succeed and also what it takes to feel happy in your skin.

How and why did VALA come to be? Well, we’re real life true best friends, and we spend all of our waking moments together anyway. At some point it seemed ridiculous that we WEREN’T working together professionally, so we sat down and realized we should try writing together. Thankfully, our first session was magical, and we knew we were a great writing fit. However, we also made a commitment that if it didn’t work out for us professionally, we would value our friendship above all else. We got really lucky, because our friendship is the most important thing to us and being able to make music together is just an added bonus.

You released your debut EP on May 25th. What can fans expect when listening to it? We aimed to create a record of highly empowering songs—music that we hope will make fans feel strong and uplifted. It’s not just for women. This is meant for EVERYONE. It’s been a tough season in the world, and everyone could use some positivity. We wanted this to be an album that makes people feel hopeful. This EP is just a handshake with VALA, us saying "hello, here we are”. If you enjoy our “hello”, there’s going to be a “get to know you” coming.

What can fans expect in the future? We’ve had such great response to the first batch of songs (and so much fun creating them), that we’re already working on new music. Creating our first EP was an igniting moment for us as creatives and friends, so we have launched full steam ahead into creating more music. We’re hoping to have a second release ready by the end of 2018, and we are working toward making that happen. I mean, for us, every writing day feels like a “play day” because it’s a day that we get to hang out with our best friends, and every meeting is over happy hour- why wouldn’t we continue creating more music?

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