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Friday Flash, Vol. 3: Smithfield, Josh Melton, Brandon Stansell, & more

Welcome to Friday Flash, a weekly playlist that updates every Friday to update you on the newest and hottest releases across the genres.

Smithfield is creating a buzz with their newest song, "If It Ain't You". Proving to be the hottest emerging duo in country music, Smithfield’s single “Hey Whiskey” is in regular rotation on SiriusXM The Highway.

Brandon Stansell creates a movement with his new release "For You". Even though he grew up in and around Nashville, Brandon Stansell was born with Country Music in his veins, but it wasn’t until after transplanting to L.A. that he started developing his own brand of 'California Country.'

Josh Melton isn't a nobody in the music industry. With the newest release of "The Drinking", Josh showcases his songwriting abilities as well as vocals. In Nashville, Joshua is collaborating with industry greats and other artists. He is creating, writing, performing, and sharing original music that has gained the respect of industry veterans and pros. His dream has no end. This is only the beginning for Joshua and his journey of connecting with others through music.

We're excited to be kicking off the weekend by featuring releases from Chris Lane, Danielle Bradbery, Real Friends, The Vamps, Cole Swindell. Cam. Lauren Duski, MiNDTRiX, and many others.

Each playlist will be refreshed every Friday morning/afternoon. We reserve the right to update anytime during the week, so make sure you bookmark this page.

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