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Review: Rachel Louise Taylor 'High on Sunshine'

With summer in full-swing, it would only be right for Kansas native Rachel Louise Taylor to release new single "High on Sunshine." This isn't the first single that Taylor has put out for her fans to enjoy, as she released "In Your '85" in the fall of 2016. Her newest album "Sunflower," features the track "Drive By Town" which was included in the Next Women of Country top 20 songs of 2017, putting her in good company with fellow female new-comers.

"High on Sunshine" is the feel-good, upbeat song that every country fan will be looking for as summer continues to heat up. Whether you're driving with the windows down, or laying by the pool, "High on Sunshine" will surely add to a stress-free summer.

Being young and ambitious, Rachel Louise Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. In her short career, Taylor has booked many local venues, festivals, fairs, and even hockey games, opening doors to many musical opportunities, particularly in Kansas. "High on Sunshine" will be on the setlist the rest of summer, as she travels to Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma promoting the new single. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @racheltaymusic, and find her newest single "High on Sunshine" on Apple Music and Spotify!

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