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Review: Kat Taylor 'Close to Home' Single Review

Inspired by her childhood heroes Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Reba McEntire, Kat Taylor has a deep desire to join this group of female country legends. For most of Taylor's adult life, she has spent countless hours honing her craft and has created multiple hit songs, including her debut single "Shame on You," which reached #1 on the Indie World Charts where it remained for six straight weeks. Her new single "Close to Home" was just released and has very promising potential.

"Close to Home" is a true testament that Kat Taylor has what it takes to compete and ultimately thrive in this industry. Her new single will be on her setlist this summer when she performs at the Westhaven Porch Festival on June 16th in Franklin, Tennessee and at the Druid City Songwriter Festival on June 22nd and 23rd in her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Follow her journey to stardom on Instagram and Twitter @kattaylormusic.

Check out a Q&A I had with Kat:

After not getting as far as you would’ve liked to in the hit TV program, Nashville Star, were you discouraged and looking for another career path to take or did you still have dreams of being a singer/songwriter?

"Actually, I auditioned for the show right after I had just turned 18, so I had very little motivation at that age lol! I made it through the first round or what we now call "blind audition," but in order to perform in the next round, I had to sing an original song. I had not even entertained the idea of songwriting at that point in my life, so I just didn't go back. I have definitely kicked myself a few times for doing that but I know my choices have brought me to where I am today so I am very grateful for that."

You recently performed at the Westhaven Porchfest and some of your closest friends drove 3 hours just to watch you perform, does that support motivate you even more to work as hard as possible in your singing and songwriting?

"Absolutely! I was so overwhelmed that they did that! I began crying on my last song because it was just so amazing to me that people actually care to hear me sing. Seeing them with their custom "Close to Home" shirts they had made, along with seeing my family, just really made me so very grateful for the many blessings I have."

Being from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, how did you acquire your love for Franklin, Tennessee that your newest single “Close to Home” somewhat mentions?

"So a friend of mine, Hope Cassity, who I met through a charity songwriter show, "Tips for Tuscaloosa," invited me to sing with her at The Factory in Franklin about 2 years ago. She was opening for Daryle Singletary and Brian White. That was my first time ever visiting Franklin and I immediately fell in love. The historic town is absolutely stunning and the people there are so welcoming, open minded and have a true appreciation for good music. I was amazed when I saw people at Kimbro's actually listening to the musicians. At times, you can walk downtown and see people playing guitars and singing on the street which is totally awesome! If people did that in Tuscaloosa, they would think something is wrong with the person! Don't get me wrong, I dearly love my hometown, but we definitely place more of an emphasis on football in Tuscaloosa ;)"

Was it an overwhelming moment for you when you found out that you would be on “Grand Ole Opry Radio” WSM, a station that so many legends have also performed on?

"My mom's dad would listen to the Grand Ole Opry radio every night after dinner. I remember my mom talking about that and how much he loved the Opry, so I can't ever remember a time in my life when I didn't know about the Opry. Just to have the opportunity to be there, much less actually have an interveiw on the radio show, is beyond a dream come true. There is such a deep history there, I would probably not be able to perform on the Opry stage if I ever get asked!"

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