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Musician Cali Rodi Talks Sweetest New Single “Cake”

The L.A-based up-and-coming pop singer released last month her new single "Cake". The song is one delicious pop gem, and not because the lyrics are precisely cheerful, but because this is overall a relatable track.

"I was seeing a guy for over a year hoping that it would lead to a real committed relationship. It never happened. It got to a point where it had been far too long, and I knew I had to let him go. I went into the studio super bummed one day, and was looking through ideas I had on my phone. I love word play - I saw the title “Cake” and instantly started relating it to my situation. Writing this song helped me get out of my dark state and realize how worthy I was of amazing love. I felt like if it could help me take my own advice, then I should share it with the world!"

Aside from this release, Cali recently signed with BOOM to help further her as an artist and a writer.

"Signing with BOOM was a dream come true! Keith Urban is a partner in the company, and he’s always been one of my guitar heroes, so having his stamp of approval on what I do is an honor. BOOM has really allowed me to grow as an artist and writer, and I’m so excited to release all the music I’ve been creating; I’m really proud of it."

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