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Lottie Is On The Road To Reckoning with Album Release

Soulful singer-songwriter Lottie just released her new album, Road To Reckoning. With clear influences stemming from notable artists like Carole King and Bonnie Raitt, Lottie has developed her own artistic style while paying homage to her Alabama roots. Her main single, "The Road" showcases and presents a story that all listeners can relate too.

"My best friend was having a hard time grasping the demise of her latest failed relationship. I wanted to tell her in a different way that she wasn’t alone in feeling lost in her search for love, but to keep her head up and keep on looking."

Aside from the release, Lottie's a huge supporter for females in the music industry. Lottie was our #Womencrush featured artist back in May.

"Don’t be afraid to be tough and a little bit “bitchy” if it involves your music. People in this industry, men and women, may try to sway you from your vision. Listen to good advice of course, but take everything with a grain of salt and if it’s an idea of yours that you truly love and don’t want to give up, then don’t. If it’s an idea someone’s feeding you that you aren’t sure you can get behind authentically, then listen to your gut and don’t do it. Artists stand out by being different and staying just off the beaten path and I feel like this could potentially be harder for female artists because we’ve been conditioned to go with the flow more and be more agreeable. Stick to your guns if you feel strongly about something."

You can learn more about Lottie by visiting

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