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Golden West Opens Up About The Making of Curt Chambers New Single 'Man Like Me'

Curt Chambers is a Grammy-nominated award winning guitarist, hailing from Philadelphia. He has worked with artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Eric Roberson, LL Cool J, and others. He recently dropped his brand new country single “Man Like Me,” written with the California duo, Golden West. They met Curt through a good friend Caleche Ryder. “He was playing guitar for her at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles for a Boots On Stage event: she introduced us because he was looking for country writers for his EP and we've been best friends ever since!”

When they wrote “Man Like Me,” they were all in Nashville for a writing trip. “We were just talking about how it's rare to find someone that you can party with and still take home to mama, and that inspired the song. Working with Curt is always a blast. It's very seamless when we all write together. It took us about an hour to write that tune. He's one of the most talented guys we know!! He can play and write anything. He played every instrument on his EP and on our single Neon Light. And he engineered and produced it. He's a beast!! We always collaborate on songs. In fact, we are releasing a new single in the next month that we all 3 wrote. He produced that track as well.”

Golden West recently made the move to Nashville, and they had all good things to say. “We've been traveling here for a while now from LA writing with artists, so once we moved here it already felt like home.” They made their first appearance at CMA Fest this year. “We had never been to, or a part of, CMA fest before this year so the entire thing was amazing! We got to see Curt and our buddy Tyler Rich play a main stage, we got to be a part of a few shows and spend time with a lot of great friends. We can't wait for next year!”

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“Man Like Me” is available on all digital platforms.

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