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EBEN Showcases Positive Messages with Releases

Rising pop singer EBEN just spent the last two months touring the country with Why Don't We, and just before that, he spent time riding around in a mini Lamborghini. EBEN's joyride was the premise of the video for his newest single "LAMBO," which the singer released in February.

"The amazing Eli Sohkn directed the video and brought the idea to me. After he heard the song he knew it needed to be a unique video concept. When he was explaining it to me, I fell in love with it but what really sold me on it for me was when he said I’d be able to ride in my own mini Lamborghini! My arms and legs were sticking out of that little thing and everyone on set thought it looked so funny!!"

EBEN's latest single "Lambo" has received notable attention by reaching #10 on Spotify US viral chart. With influences like Anthony Russo, Bazzi, and Lauv; the rising musician isn't no stranger in the industry.

"The inspiration behind LAMBO comes from being on the come up. The struggle is real! There’s a line in the song that says "they say money can’t buy you happiness" and I would much rather deal with my stresses in a Lambo or in a huge house!"

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