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Devon Heath

I talked with Devon Heath right before Music Update Central did an Exclusive Video Premier of his song "Can't Give Up" on June 7th, co-written with Rachel Hutchinson. I was so taken with his new song and I selfishly grabbed the opportunity to speak with him and learn more about his inspiring music. I felt so much joy listening to his lyrics and delivery.

Devon was inspired by the negative real life stories we have all grown accustomed to like the shootings at Pulse, school shootings, terrorism, gang wars etc... He stated that "You can become cynical in today's world and I wanted to offer something that would inspire hope in people".

Hailing from Texas, Devon moved here with his family just over 7 years ago to pursue his songwriting career. He told us, "I see my life as a defining moment, when i moved to Nashville. Right after we settled in my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We did not know a single person in this town and yet we were embraced by total strangers here, our family back home in Texas which renewed my faith in humanity. I choose to surround myself with people who love and lift one another up. Gratefully my daughter is now seven years in remission from her cancer. The hope, faith and humanity my family experienced laid the ground work for the songs I write and perform."

Devon said, "My Grandmother said I was born singing. Growing up in West Texas in an old town in the middle of nowhere, there was not much to do except sit around and writing songs being born a creative person. My father taught me how to sing, he sang at Church Christ. In worship we would all sing together it defined me musically more than I realized until recently." Those Gospel roots pour out into his music.

Devon, "what i love about gospel music, it is inclusive and meant for everyone to participate. We made that video with that in mind... including all people."

Devon is an Indie artist who has been professionally songwriting for four years. I used to write for others but this is my second EP and it is all about myself. I gave myself the freedom to create the music I wanted to make with the support of my Producer, Walker Swain. For the first time in my career it is a sound that feels like me and I love to perform my music.

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