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Violet Days Releases New Music That Showcases Her Originality

Sweden-based Violet Days comes together with Morgxn with their single "Somber". "Somber", the lead single off of the EP, Made in My Head, perfectly envolves and tells the story perfectly.

"I wrote “Somber” with morgxn and Kris, we started talking about that feeling when you meet somebody that you really like and you know it´s right for you, but you panic a little because you´re not ready for that yet and the timing is wrong. We all connected to that concept and “Somber” felt like the right word to describe that feeling."

Violet Days isn't an outcast in the writing world either. She penned the Chainsmokers hit "Paris" along with her other co-writers. She spends a lot of her time co-writing and collaborating on tracks that showcase her abilities.

"We went to their show in Stockholm and after the show we all wanted to go to the studio for an after party. We were like 20 people coming along and we were all hanging out and listening to music, suddenly Kris, Freddy (Our guitar player) and Drew had a scratch of Paris, so that´s how that happened"

In the upcoming months, the singer/songwriter plans on releasing another single and an EP to accompany. If you'd like to learn more about Voleit Days, please visit

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