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Pop/R&B Artist, Sara Diamond Unleashes Vocal Abilities with 'Fool'

Montreal pop/R&B singer Sara Diamond presents yet another unique lyrical addiction with the release of her newest single "Fool". Diamond unleashes her strong and affecting vocals that provide listeners with the emotions experienced.

"I actually wrote it months after a breakup, and it was the first time I came face to face with some of the issues we had in our relationship. I loved him deeply, but overlooked areas in which I wasn't being heard and cared for in the ways that are acceptable to me as a woman and partner. Writing and reading it over that night was very cathartic. It's easy to feel like a fool when we give other people the power to control how we feel. I now realize, moving forward, that no one can take away my happiness except myself."

Only 22 years old, Diamond has been singing since she was a kid and it's all she ever really wanted to do. Unlike most musicians, Diamond grabs inspiration from nemours experiences that showcases her writing abilities.

"Mostly my subconscious. My writing isusually free flowing and intuitive. When the faucet is closed, all I can do is go out into the world and experience life a little bit."

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