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Exclusive: Thompson Square Pens a 'Masterpiece' with New Album

Thompson Square has returned to the marketplace with their new album, Masterpiece. The duo’s Keifer Thompson tells Music Update Central that the disc – released on their own label – is a very personal one. And, nowhere is that fact more apparent than on the title track, which he says was inspired by the couple’s three-year old son.

“Being a parent changed the creative process more than I would have ever imagined. ‘Masterpiece’ is the title track, and I wrote that about Cooper. He is my masterpiece. There’s nothing else that I could ever do that will be more important in my world than him. He is the reason that song was written, and that’s the first one on the record. He’s the best thing that has happened to us in the past five years. This album is very transparent, honest, and very vulnerable. Being a parent changes your priorities. You look at life in a completely different way. Your job as a human being is to make sure this child is happy, healthy, and safe. Nothing else matters. Everything else takes a back seat. That crosses over into the creative part. You have these emotions that you have never had before, and as a songwriter, you long for those moments in your life. We can make up songs all day long, but when it’s a true story, you have a completely different pool of emotions to draw from. There’s a lot of that in this record, but also a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun the last five years – a lot of ups and downs – just like anyone else’s life. Life sucks sometimes, and there are times that it’s beautiful. You’ve got to sing about it all. He changed everything. I’m a better person, a better writer, a better artist for it.”

Thompson says that Masterpiece is reflective of a duo who is exactly where they want to be – in life and career. “We are at a happy place. The older you get, happiness is definitely at the top of the priority list. We are at a place right now where it just feels good. We are loving life again. Our family is doing well, and that’s more than I can ask for and deserve. People are loving the music. ‘Love Like This’ just went over a million streams on Spotify. Life is good. We’ve got a lot of friends out there who want to see us win. Our hands have been tied now, but now we feel unshackled, and now we are doing our thing. Everything feels good!”

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