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Let's Take A Trip and Discover the Sound of Lovecoast

Victoria-based group Lovecoast brings together their blend of modern day indie-pop and dreamy blue-eyed '70's R&B with the release of their LP, "The Trip". The LP was produced by Tom Dobrazanski (Said The Whale, The Zolas) at Monarch Studios in Vancouver.

"The album was inspired by many different experiences with love, some my own, some situations I saw friends or family go through. The Trip to us just stands for falling in love in any way, shape or form, and this album represents a lot of different perspectives. My granny Donna-Marie Eckersley graces the cover of our record, she passed away during the process, and it meant a lot to me to include her is some way or another."

Since their inception in 2013, Lovecast has been delivering a new sound that won't go unnoticed. The brand creates a unique bouncy and infectious feeling for listeners. Lovecoast draws inspiration from modern acts like The Cat Empire and Lake Street Dive along with classic legends such as Billie Holiday and Bruce Springsteen.

"Way way back in 2009, I decided to go to music school at Vancouver Island University and that's where it started! All the guys also attended VIU, and we all played together at one time or another while we were there. When I graduated I went back to my hometown and started Lovecoast, I quickly realized I needed a full band and always found myself going back to my VIU classmates. One at a time a got them on board and it's all history from there. We're in our 5th year right now, and though we've had a few line up changes, I couldn't be more stoked on the current line up."

To learn more about Lovecoast, visit their website

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