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We want to be JST FRNDS

With the angelic voices of JST FRNDS, their song “Need You” is the Summer 2018 jam. The pop style intro of the song keeps you wanting more! With the vibe of a song by The Chainsmokers, “Need You” captures that love story fantasy of a couple that is just meant to be together With the lyrics “I just hope you need me like I need you”, the song is so relatable.

Aside from the amazing voices these two artists have they have a chemistry that really translates in the lyric delivery You can tell that they are more than JST FRNDS and we want to know more. With lyrics in the song like “I know you know me better than I do”, you can find these words commonly spoken by most young lovers when a couple knows that their love is forever. But it’s not just the words that they are singing that make you smile when listening. It’s the amazing alternative pop track behind it that almost gives you a vision of driving down the road by a beach with the windows down and your hands through the sun roof. “You complete me. You make me stronger” and after this song, one can agree that that is exactly how you feel when in love with someone. It is no shocker that these two have a bright future with their talented writing skills and vocals.

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