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April Kry is Perfectly Imperfect

Radio Disney vocal powerhouse, April Kry releases her new soulful single, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. In a conformity society, the lyrics reveals insecurity, but also finding the confidence to refuse to conform to these standards and expectations. This is a good representation of social media, as we are constantly scrolling through the good of other people’s lives, we begin to forget the good in our very own.

‘Perfectly’ does a great job showcasing her strong vocals. She is able to captivate this powerful story, which brings an emotional response to the listener’s ear. The song shows how we are always in a battle within ourselves, and sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

April also released a music video to go along with her new hit single. The music video depicts the story that she tells through the lyrics. It starts out with April in an office, looking at herself in a mirror. A voice over the speakers says, “Welcome to Perfect Practices. We make all of your imperfections go away. The doctor will be with you shortly.” Then the video switches over to her trapped inside a glass box. Every little detail in the video was spot on. ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ shows a great visual of acceptance. People want to be accepted, but we also need to accept our imperfections and embrace them.

April Kry is such a pure talent and even better role model. She preaches to be yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin. ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is inspiring and has special message behind the song, by not letting those words and labels define who you are.

The new single is now available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify!

For more on April Kry, go to her official website here:

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